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David Feder: Welcome



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" one of the most exquisite and breathtaking Acoustic guitarists..."

Time Out


"Dear David, Thank you so much for sharing in our celebration! Your music is touching and delicate like poetry- your soul shines out in each chord and the music was grace filled despite the weather. Your talent and creativity is amazing. Thank you, thank you for playing." Happy Bride

Rare Dave Concert in the Keys - March 25, 2014

Concert Poster

Heart to Heart - April 13, 2013

I am very happy to announce another completed song for te Dream Painted Room CD. The title is "Heart to Heart"

aka Love Love Love. Special thanks to our neighbor mondo producer Jason Poff, Drummers, Ryan & Luke, Chris Lute, Nyan, Suzi, and everyone who sang along at the Jams especially Lesley.

 Check out the free download link at the top of the page.



Night Blooming Flowers - February 23, 2011

Night FlowerThis Flower grows in the hedge in front of my house in Islamorada. I see it when I walk the dogs late at night. (early in the morning)

 It always makes me smile, mixed with the smells of all the other night bloomers, especially Jasmine, ahhhhh. Took the picture with the I-phone and a little LED flashlight.

 I love the night time, the quiet, the peace, the best time to create for me. Gonna crawl into be now and say good night!

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